Your 1098-E along with your Education Loan Tax Information


Your 1098-E along with your Education Loan Tax Information

Your Student that is 1098-E Loan Statement has the most crucial figures we are going to offer you this year—the number of interest paid in your figuratively speaking in 2020.

How come this true number so essential? As you could probably subtract some or the whole thing from your own earnings in your federal income tax return, that could lower the quantity you spend in earnings tax—good news!

Beginning January 14, 2021, you’ll find your 2020 student loan interest compensated quantity on your own Student Loan Interest that is 1098-E Statement.

Because less loan re payments had been required and rates of interest had been at 0% for a lot of 2020, your interest paid will probably be less than in past years.

Additionally, you will maybe not get a paper form of the income tax statement (as well as email) in the event that you paid significantly less than $600 in fascination with 2020. Most borrowers will get just an email permitting them to understand whenever their income tax info is available on the internet.

Just What do i really do with my 1098-E?

You will have one 1098-E for every account noted on your Account Overview.

To register your fees, you certainly do not need a copy that is physical of 1098-E. Talk to a taxation consultant to ascertain simply how much associated with interest paid on your own student education loans within the past year is income tax deductible. When you yourself have one or more account, you will need to glance at numerous statements and together add the numbers for the total deduction. Enter the quantity from package 1 to the learning education loan interest deduction percentage of your income tax return.

If you prefer a physical copy of one’s 1098-E for the documents, just print it out of our web site. It is as simple as that!

How do I learn how much interest ended up being paid to my loans a year ago?

The quantity will undoubtedly be in your 1098-E scholar Loan Interest Statement, which you yourself can access by signing directly into mygreatlakes and picking My Accounts Tax Filing Statements. Your 2020 declaration will likely be January that is online starting 14 2021.

  • Whenever we have actually your current email address, we are going to give you a contact reminder as soon as your 1098-E can be acquired online.
  • You a letter—unless the interest you paid during 2020 is less than $600 if we don’t have your email address, we’ll send. If it is not as much as $600, you can easily nevertheless access your 1098-E online, but we will not deliver you a paper content. Please note: Because fewer loan payments had been required and rates of interest had been at 0% for most of 2020, your interest premium was likely lower compared to past years.
  • We have your email address and you’re signed up to receive email communication from us if you definitely want to know when your 1098-E statement is available, check your profile to make sure. You are able to confirm your entire other email address in the exact same time, too.

    Can there be a due date for interest payments to be included on my 2020 1098-E?

    Yes—the interest on payments gotten by 5:00 p.m. Central time on December 31, 2020 is likely to be included in your 2020 1098-E. Interest on payments received or scheduled from then on time can look on the following year’s declaration.


    Interest re payments received by 5:00 p.m. Central time on December 31, 2020 are included in your 2020 1098-E.


    Your 2020 1098-E is present.

    1/14/21 – 1/31/21

    You will get a message reminder or page together with your 2020 1098-E.


    2020 income tax filing deadline.

    Where could I find additional information?

    The IRS web site and Publication 970, Tax Benefits for Education, have significantly more information about how to subtract your education loan interest. You’ll be able to complete the learning student Loan Interest Deduction worksheet within the Form 1040 or 1040A directions.

    Contact us when you have extra questions—we’re right here to assist!

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