How much does the phrase «hook up» mean to you personally?


How much does the <a href=""><img src="aisle" alt=""></a> phrase «hook up» mean to you personally?

I’ve seen people make use of that term to suggest anything from “meet” to “have sex”, and all things in between. When someone states for your requirements “Wanna hook-up?” exactly what do you might think they’re inquiring?

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    to mean it indicates helps have sex often it means allows hang out; for me this will depend on who’s claiming it

    It always imply “meet”, today it indicates “have sex”.

    I’m in the Air energy and that I know boom providers on KC-135 Stratotankers (aerial refueling jets) use the expression “hook up” to represent that they are going to join with a trailing plane to begin fueling it while they are aloft.

    Today, regarding the extremely essence of matter, when someone askes myself easily wish to ‘hook up’, I’m using the theory they wish hang out, have a good time, and luxuriate in each other people organization. Kind of like venturing out on a night out together, partly or totally.

    Totally is determined by the perspective. My pals have tried they both means. Such “lets connect this weekend” or “jimmy and that I completely installed yesterday!!”

    It indicates “hang aside” for me whenever anybody requires whenever we need to “hook right up”

    If a friend requires me to “hook up,” they normally means fulfill somewhere. If men who I’m not only set up pal with requires myself, it most likely suggests some thing a bit more suggestive. Easily say We “hooked upwards” with someone, I most likely signify We made with these people, perhaps a bit more, but We separate between “hooking up” and also making love with someone.

    well at the very least it’s clear I’m perhaps not completely wrong to imagine their meaning is ambiguous….

    Today i recently need to ascertain which indicating a certain person possess. 😛

    When it is only close friends i do believe ‘let’s get together and hang out’. If it is individuals I’m interested in, for-instance, it could or might not indicate receive bodily with this person. Could mean various things, based who you really are speaking of.

    Really does “hooking upwards” now usually imply intercourse?

    I go on it to imply sexual intercourse with people, typically without chain connected, but not fundamentally intercourse by itself.

    I imagined it had been sex without strings attached…but I’m old, and might end up being wrong! ; )

    “Hooking up” to me = One night stand.

    I used to use it merely to suggest hooking up with somebody—meeting somewhere: “Maybe we are able to connect whenever we’re both in the city.” My personal sons were fixing me quite intensely, advising that on the young individuals this means informal gender. I committed a fairly poor faux jamais from it in wrong-way facing their friends.

    Whenever I was a student in grade college and twelfth grade, “hooking right up” always intended “making completely.”

    Hooking-up try french kissing imo

    Is based on who is saying they i suppose. Easily happened to be to use it i might mean get together in a few sexual means. Anything from generating out to having sexual intercourse… No particular meaning personally, I always simply ask when other folks make use of it.

    @krose, do you ever indicate that whenever anybody uses the term “hook up” within existence, you must ask the things they indicate because of it? Today, that positive music in my opinion adore it defeats the purpose of creating jargon.

    @jeruba- haha yeah but I am not saying on modern words. My buddies see I’m a large loss whom can’t keep up with occasions. *edit- I’ll you need to be like “Wait… Did you…” and often render a gesture. 🙂 After that they’ll look which is my address, or “NOOOO. We Simply generated out”.

    HOOKING UP…. Hmmmm i nevertheless envision its dudes typically asking a woman to get together which means they want to spend time and perchance have a blast too…

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